Holiday time is here and we all wanted our house to feel welcoming for our friends and family. But it might be an issue if you are a renter. I’ve been a renter all my life & the pain of being a one with all the rules to followed. No nails or paint or wallpaper to damage their beautiful house or walls.

Oh! Come on, we are not renting your place to just sleep in here, we need it to be our home. To make it that it should reflect who we are, should be cozy, welcoming for our friends, family. Right people??

I curate an awesome list of few DIY projects to inspire you to make your rented apartment or house a Home. This one is for anyone who wants to decorate their place.

6 Home Decor Ideas

  • Vinyl Decals– These are great for temporary decorating. Vinyl decals are easy to apply, lineup and easier to remove. You can peel without worrying about any damage to the wall it was stuck to. It makes your house look more beautiful with the help of the variety of colors and design. I have tried this triangle cut-outs from a roll of vinyl sheet. Though you can buy them too from the various online store, few of them are mention below.



  1.  Amazon
  2. Pepperfry
  3. Etsy
  4. The Label Life
  • Mood Boards– A cute looking mood board or info board with cork sheet is not only easy to do but budget friendly too. Cut or paint few cork sheets in your desired choice and just stick them on the wall with the command strip. Voila, something to inspire you every day. Below are few examples I got for you from Pinterest.


  • Washi Tape Wall Art– A simple, colorful washi tape can do magic to your wall & doors. It is a paper tape which will stick to any objects just like a normal tape, but it didn’t leave a mark and easy to remove.


  • Command Wall Hooks– If you aren’t familiar with these babies, you should be. Inexpensive, strong, and are the great way to hang artwork, mirrors without damaging the wall. (no nails policy followed). Click here to buy them online
  • Tapestry– Fake a wallpaper effect with tapestry or any old bed sheets you have hung them on the wall, voila! you are good to go with the bohemian decor.

home-decor-ideas-for-renters -

  • Bring outdoor inside – Add various indoor plants to make your place more lively and clean. This one have health benefits, as plants help in cleaning the air and hence improves the way of leaving. They also add a touch of greenery which soothes our sense in this busy life.


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