It’s the time of year, we leave our busy life aside and take the time to meet our loved ones to ¬†cherish old memories. This month flavours on my finger would like to be the part of your celebration too by sharing few DIY gift ideas.


Even though many of you have Christmas on your minds, you can also use any of these gift ideas for birthdays or special occasions. So, be sure to bookmark this collection for any gift-giving situation. ūüėČ

5 DIY Gift Ideas


1. Mason Jar Ideas:

Trendiest and the useful thing of the current time. You can store things in it, can use them for home décor or as barware too. Versatile!

  • Hot Chocolate– ¬†Just adds all ingredients layered in a mason jar¬†and tie a ribbon or a twin around the jar. Beautiful!¬†This will create the perfect mug of steamy hot chocolate.


  • Layer 1 : dry milk powder,
  • Layer 2: cocoa powder,
  • Layer 3: powdered sugar,
  • Layer 4: marshmallows, and
  • Layer5: mini chocolate chips, or candy canes
  • Coconut, lime, and Mint Sugar Scrub– ¬†This sugar scrub not only moisturize, exfoliates but it‚Äôs like a¬†tropical holiday in a jar. Just add 1/2 cup solid¬†coconut oil¬†, 1 cup white sugar, 1/2 tsp¬†Peppermint¬†Oil¬†, 1 lime zested.



2. DIY Phone Cover:

I made a couple of these for myself long time back and loved it. Just get your choice of pattern scrapbooking paper and clear phone case. Trace the cover design on paper, cut and use.


There is one more I saw on Pinterest, where they used pretty flower to decorate the phone cover, check here.


3. DIY Mug:

Do you like doodling? Ditch your doodle book and use a sharpie on a white coffee mug and gift your loved the magic of doodles. Here are few ideas:



4. Personalized Jewelry Box:

This colorful wooden box can be gifted to anyone for store their belongings like jewelry, cards etc. For this little gift ideas, you need the following materials.

  • wooden box
  • paint
  • washi tapes
  • embellishments (paper, shells, felt letters etc)



5. DIY Bookmarks:

You love reading books, then you will keep a check on the page you are on and for that what could be more pretty then this cute little heart bookmarks. A perfect gift for any book lovers, check tutorials here.


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