4 Memorable Christmas Traditions for Couple

Christmas doesn’t have to be all about the kids! Enhance your relationship by setting some amazing Christmas traditions just for the two of you! We started one 3 years back, which involves few funny and creative ways to celebrate our love and the time we have spent with each another.



Pink Lemonade

I know, the picture says a lot about my passing week till now. Many of you don’t know, I was sick for last few days so was at home resting, in short chilling. Having lone time gives you so much flexibility to think about new things which we usually keep ignoring or forgetting in our busy schedule.

pink-lemonade-chilled lemonade to refresh you and to give you that zesty kick for keep going (more…)

Twisted Gin Tonic

Who does not enjoy a quality cocktail every now and again, especially when it’s light, delicious and easy to make. Gin Tonic is an old classic drink and one of my favorite. So yesterday, when we had few friends over our place, I welcome them with this classic drink with a twist.

twisted-gin-tonic-Though gin tonic itself is very tasty drink but with a hint of cucumber and mint it just became heavenly and refreshing, after all who does not love a dash of refreshment in summers. (more…)

Chilli Mango Margarita

FRIDAY!! and guess what my weekend started early as I was working from home today due to our new dining table which reached home an hour back. While I was waiting for the delivery I made some mango margarita madness for myself to enjoy some me time. Mango is a favorite fruit in my house, so I tried to make everything including a bit of mango. Which is kind of impossible, but still I gave few tries and made a mango salsa, mango cream-popsicle.

chilli-mango-margarita| www.flavoursonmyfinger.com (more…)

Citrus Gimlet


I’m going to be honest with you– I had a very domesticated weekend filled with movie marathons, and popcorn. I’ve got to say; I have a serious case of the Mondays Blues and this kinda case of that can and be cured by cocktail only – Citrus Gimlet! (more…)

Pina Colada with Toasted Coconut

pina-colada-2Are you just thirsty? Pregnant? Religious restrictions? Or Hosting a party with children. Well, the non-alcoholic drink recipes I am sharing with you is sure to please your senses. Confession! I never liked coconut and pineapple combo in past. Whenever I go out with my BFF, she always order this drink… of course the alcoholic version of it. And I never able to understood that why its her’s favorite cocktail. (more…)