I suppose the best way to describe myself is a home cook who love to research in to recipes daily, and experiment whenever I get time from my regular job! I try recipes from Celebrity Chef’s, other Food Bloggers, and just recipes I come across on the internet!

Flavours on my finger - About us

Hello, I am Nidhi.. hailing from Alwar (little town of Rajasthan), currently living in the heart of Bengaluru.

My first encounter with a proper baked good was on my 6th b’day when my mum baked a star shaped birthday cake and the smell of that cake enclosed me in a bubble of warmth for baking and cooking. And from than my cooking habit started, but only kicked into gear after I got married to the handsome foodie of my life Anshuman.

Ultimately, this blog aims to share my passion for all things baking, cooking  and diy.

Thank you for stopping by on my blog! ♥

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Much Love, Nidhi